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The Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program in public schools is our nation's most prominent and visible attempt to educate young people to resist drug abuse. It reaches over 60% of elementary school children in the United States, and is far and away the most prevalent drug education program in use today.

This site provides information and views on the DARE program not readily available through DARE or any official source. This page is not sponsored or endorsed by "DARE America," and we do not purport to speak for DARE.

We hope parents will consider the following information when deciding whether or not their child should participate in DARE. Hopefully, school administrators and public officials will find this site a helpful source of information when deciding whether to rely on DARE for the important purpose of educating young people to resist drug abuse, justifying the significant sacrifice of academic time and public revenue.


  1. What is DARE? A brief history and description of the DARE program.
  2. Is parental consent required before a child takes DARE?
  3. What is DARE teaching our children? A look at the curriculum.
  4. What's right about DARE?
  5. Does DARE Work?
  6. What's wrong with DARE?
  7. What can I do? Steps citizens have taken.
  8. Related links and resources
  9. DARE clippings
  10. Bibliography: Resources for Researchers
  11. Quotes of Note
  12. Contact People

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Further reading: please take a look at these important reports that are newly available on the web from The Lindesmith Center:


Thank you for visiting this site. We hope you find it useful and informative. We welcome your questions, accounts or experienes with DARE, and suggestions. Please email us.

Students and a DARE officer at DARE graduation ceremony.


The pages that follow, and the links to other documents and resources, have been assembled by a volunteer, informal coalition of parents, teachers, drug educators and other citizens.

Voluntary Committee of Parents

Diane DelliCarpini, Dick Evans, Mary Fitz-Gibbon, Laura Green, Drew Hendricks, Judy McLemore, Barry Mehler, Sue Messersmith, Don and Sue Nelson, Tom O'Connell, Gary Peterson, Steve Wallace, Maddy Webster, Andrew Seltzer and others


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