The Drug Reform Coordination Network (DRCNet)
Mission Statement


The Drug Reform Coordination Network's founding purpose is to stop the chaos and violence of the illegal drug trade, end the bondage of mass incarceration suffered by hundreds of thousands of nonviolent offenders, stem the spread of deadly epidemic disease, secure the right of patients to appropriate medical treatment, restore Constitutional protections and ensure just treatment under the law for all.  Current policies of punitive prohibition place illegal drugs and drug markets outside of the law, therefore beyond societyís control and ability to mitigate harm.

We at DRCNet are dedicated to working together and with our allies for the reform of our nationís drug laws and to bring the currently uncontrolled markets in illegal drugs within the law, a necessary step in reestablishing popular respect for our legal institutions, reversing the ongoing corruption of law enforcement and the political system, restoring liberty, privacy and due process, and securing the public health and welfare.  We oppose the prison-building frenzy and support rational, compassionate reforms consistent with the principles of Peace, Justice, Freedom, Compassion and Truth, all of which have been compromised in the drug war.  DRCNet advocates a public dialogue on the full range of alternatives to current policy, and implementation of peaceful, public-health based approaches for reducing the suffering caused by drugs, and the drug war, to individuals and society as a whole.


DRCNet is a vigorous and fast-growing national drug policy reform organization with an established track record in the innovative and creative use of telecommunications and electronic information systems for the reform of our nationís drug laws. We have well-developed information gathering, processing and redistribution capabilities which puts us in a strong position to provide leadership and support to drug policy reform organizations, government officials and agencies, concerned citizens, and the media involved with these issues.


  • We will provide professional information services to our constituencies, which include current drug policy reform activists, members of the public who are interested in becoming involved in our Movement, and members of the print, electronic, and broadcast media.
  • We will be a highly innovative information technology-based organization with core competencies in the use of telecommunications, especially the Internet and World Wide Web, the gathering and redistribution of information related to our vision, and public relations, in terms of working with print, electronic, and broadcast media, as well as government officials and agencies, other activist, advocacy, and professional organizations, and the general public.
  • We will express our commitment to the survival, solvency, and growth of our organization through setting high standards of professionalism for ourselves, acting with ethical behavior and integrity at all times, and excelling at our core competencies.
We will be an organization which earns respect for itself, our Movement, and our agenda, and which is valued as a serious and credible source of information on drugs and drug policy.